Lorcan works at social impact and education start-up INCO Academy, designing courses that lift students across the world out of poverty into careers they love.

Our core offerings span the tech and green sectors: Get Into Tech, Incode and Growth Marketing, as well as engineering learning environments to support's existing course catalogue.


  • Taught and mentored 300 students in 9 months across Ireland as they made first steps on their career journey into tech.

The project was sponsored by Verizon Media.

  • Founded Piwalo, helping local businesses scale their supply and adapt to the on-demand economy.

The project was incubated by and later licensed to local government.

  • Product Engineer at Cartrawler, one the largest B2B tech companies in Ireland.

Working mostly in front-end development.

  • Growth strategy consultant at a member branch of ILCU, as they prepared to roll out digital banking nationwide.

Developed microsites and build localised marketing campaigns.

Up next

  • is a community for product managers in the education sector.

On the Horizon

I've spent 1000s of hours analysing the most succesful companies in modern history. Hungry to deepen my understanding of the business challenges of the e-Learning sector.